Architecture beyond xxxx Rs/Sqft.

One of the biggest regrets that architectural professionals have, is that, Architecture is never part of a mainstream conversation. Citizens of great cities and nations, like ours, often ignore the impact architecture plays in their daily life. Yes, we do, constantly critique the traffic snarls / water logging at one end; or admire the lighting / fabrics of the friend’s new home. These conversations operate within the realms of Urban Planning or Interior Decor; not architecture.

When was the last time we admired the symmetry and proportions of the CP Colonnade, shielding both the pedestrians and the brands? Have we ever experienced the cooler micro-climate at the India Habitat centre owing to the marriage of a semi-shaded courtyard and careful plantation? Have we witnessed the play of perspective at Humayun’s Tomb, where the dome of the tomb forms a mirage for the entrance gateway? Do the glazed facades of cyber hub instil a sense of Pride and Indian world dominance? Have you questioned the dichotomy of The Raisina Hill – Such a dominant position for a seat of democracy? Do the walks at Chandani Chowk or strolls at Select City compel you to compare retail? At the STC building, did you know you could live, work, play inside a beam? Did we care when the biggest symbol of modern India, Pragati Maidan, was knocked down? Closer home, when was the last time we paused to appreciate the percolation of natural diffused light through our factories clear-stories?

Architecture is everywhere. 

Request you to Romanticise. Request you to acknowledge the Scale/ light/ proportions/ detail/ plantation/ geometry/ arrangement/ story/ symbolism; Acknowledge Architecture beyond xxxx Rs / Sqft.


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