CORREA – Master Renown

Mr. Correa’s portfolio was a demonstration of several novel strategies for the present time. Sometimes one of them dominated (Foreground of art work at British Council) and at other times different strategies collaborated (Built-open Relationship + Visitor Experience + Village planning for Gandhi Ashram). His work although borrowed influences from several other masters like Corbusier, Kahn and then later Barragán but always stood in its own identity. It is a marvel that with such a vast diversity of scales, regions and complexities; his buildings boast of an unmistakable Charles Correa style. His work has always been playful, modern and yet rooted in concepts of Indian Architecture. He was critical of conventional architectural planning systems which is clearly visible even in his later works. For Example, City Salt Lake in Kolkata was an anti-thesis to an omnipresent inward looking mall design.