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Democratic Space, would be a place that is publicly owned, universally accessible, both physically and in perception; allows for a diversity of voices and users in all stages of design and occupancy; allows for flexibility of use; is freely used by all individuals and encourages freedom of speech and expression.

This is the paramount responsibility of an architectural practice. Design Plus’ vision of sustainability encapsulates the idea of cultural synchronization. This has been elaborated in our portfolio, especially within the Institutional and Educational Masterplan design projects.

A core endeavour of Design [+] Design Research: to create a comprehensive dialogue between a high-tech design development and a optimised execution. Technology is applicable at 1. Design Process | 2. Manufacturing | 3. Image | 4. Integration 


Meet The Team

B.Arch | School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi | 1976

Member | Council of Architecture | CA/79/05197

Member | PhD Chambers

Visiting Faculty | Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon | 2007-08

Examining panel | TVB School of Habitat Studies, New Delhi | 2004-2006

Examining panel | Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon | 2004-present

Excellence in Architecture and Design Awardee | FoAID | 2018

Mr. Bij has more than 30 years of national and international experience in Architecture, Planning, and Construction. He has designed and executed projects of varying scales, details and regions. His understanding of the Indian Construction industry is vital to the growth and Development of the firm. Apart from heading Design Plus, Mr. Arun Bij has been an advisor to several Public and Private Setups such as Northern Railways, Educomp Solutions, DLF Universal, Ansal Properties.


In 2018, he won the “Excellence in Architecture and Design Award” at the Festival of Architecture and Interior Design, Delhi 

B.Arch_MCoA | Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon | 2006

M.Arch_DRL | Architectural Association, London | 2009

Member | Council of Architecture | CA/2007/40279

Visiting Faculty | Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon | 2009-2020

Visiting Faculty | University School of Architecture & Planning, New Delhi | 2012-13

Tutor + Director | Architectural Association Visiting School_India | 2013

Visiting Faculty | School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi | 2016-17

Abhishek attempts to serve as an observer/critic/admirer of the Indian AEC industry, especially the marriage of high tech design processes and the low tech methods of execution which prevail in the country. His, views on computational design, ethics of practice, Architectural Design processes, Democratic Spaces are widely presented and published, including his TEDx Talk in 2018.


In 2010, He was recognised as one of the top designers under the age of 35 for DesignXDesign. 


In 2021, he was recognized as one of the top 50 Architects under the age of 50 at the I&AD Awards


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Design [+] Design Research

D[+]DR is a research team at Design Plus, which tackles a systematic process of design within the context of India's construction Industry. Its main endeavor is to create a comprehensive dialogue between a high-tech design development and a relative mid-tech execution.

D[+]DR operates at various levels including, architecture, mathematics, graphics, structural analysis, sustainability, Urban Design, 3D visualization, animation, and product design. D[+]DR allows for academic speculation to extend into the realm of design and architectural practice. The current projects within the D[+]DR Portfolio showcase different levels of operation, from Urban Design to psychological impacts of spatial organization. The honest success of the intention is reflected by the projects that are under construction

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