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ASEB Sports Complex, Guwahati

Client: Assam State Electricity Board

Location: Guwahati

Scale: 1,35,000 Sq. Ft. 

The proposed Sports Complex will be facilitated with various indoor & outdoor activities. In addition, it will include lodging & dining facilities for teams, and coaching staff. Carefully planned retail and hospitality functions will help to provide revenue for self-sustenance.The facilities of the Sports Complex will be available for the Sports Department of Assam as well as sports lovers of Assam. It will be an asset for the emerging players of the nearby area of Chandrapur in particular and Assam as a whole.

Innovative materials used in the project specifically in reference to the theme - S.W.O.T. – Sustainability. Wellbeing. On site adaptability. Technology. ;

Design Maneuvers | ASEB Sports complex not only plugs into the sporting infrastructure of the clients, but also contributes to the aspirations of the city. It is planned to be a symbol of future growth and development. We proposed interventions that not only adhere to the above-mentioned aspiration but also respect the natural beauty of the setting.

The approximate 1.75 Lakh Sq.Ft. Built-up area is primarily distributed amongst the Private Block and the Residential Block. These buildings are designed with an indistinguishable yet contemporary design language, with 2020 amenities. 

Sustainable development is at the core of the entire project, including buildings, as covered later on. Their profile and bamboo cladding are carrying memory of the land.

The roofing was designed using parametric codes that simulated form and assessed structural stability. While the micro-geometry was being developed, an overall coverage was cropped to 60%. This allowed the visitor to experience the natural terrain of the beautiful location. The complex is designed to function with several parallel activities. This also creates varying user types. The distinction between these users is critical to ensure hassle free operations.

Sustainable Measures Undertaken:

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) – The plant turns sewage into grey water which upon recirculation can be used for watering fields and for flushing.

Solar PVs – The Roofing of the complex is capped with profile cut Solar PVs. These offset the electrical requirement of the complex and any surplus energy is returned to the grid. Additionally, On the buildings, Solar PVs perform as shading devices.

Cut and Fill – The proposed design advocates minimal cutting and filling required in construction. Adapting the contours for seating also contributes to the same.

Thermal Glass – A combination of various types of thermal glass promotes balanced ambient temperatures and less stress on the HVAC system.

Water Management – The rainwater is harvested through strategically placed recharge pits. This helps in replenishing and maintaining the water table beneath the site. The designed drainage network shall complement the natural system that exists at site.

Shading Techniques – The design of the roofing structure decreases the heat gain and the louvers also help contribute to the same. Less heat gain reduces the pressure on the HVAC system furthermore making it more efficient and cost effective.

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