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Iconic Satara, Satara

Client: Municipal Corporation of Satara

Location: Satara

Scale: 1,16,000 Sq. Ft. 

Democratic Spaces – Every public building has the responsibility of providing access to all citizens. This covers Political Inclination, Economic Position, Religious/Social belief System, Physical / Fitness Condition. The endeavor here is to provide an architecture that, true to its name, is an icon in appearance but approachable by operation. Our intent is to provide a building that would be a place that is publicly owned, universally accessible,both physically and in perception; allows for a diversity of voices and users in all stages of design and occupancy; allows for flexibility of use; is freely used by all individuals and encourages freedom of speech and expression. Immediate thought of design was to provide programs and spaces that offer much more engagement than the mere official purpose of the building.

Democratic Spaces

SATARA REGION as Inspiration – We were enamored by Satara’s beautiful Geography, History, Social structure, Art & Architecture, Culture, Patriotic Attitude. To understand the above we discovered the Terrain, Wada Typology, Paithani Art, 80% Literacy, Tropical Climate.The above provided clues for an ethically sustainable building. Environmental consciousness is proverbial, the design started engaging with possible citizen involvement at various stages of operation.

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