Amendment to the Architects’ Act

This winter of 2018, The Council of Architecture has initiated a process to Amend the long overdue and Archaic Architects’ Act of 1972. Previously too attempts have been made to improve upon the Act, the most popular attempt being the Bill of 2010.

Terminologies like profession / business / service industry are again at battle front.

While there are as many opinions on the Amendments as there are architects in the country. Our primary Observations, critique, are as follows: (please note that these are mere objective responses to the suggestions by the council)

  1. Definition of Architectural Services – The definition is very limiting. A – it seems a response to the ongoing legal battle between CoA and RSP (and others). B – the definitions of services is a very clerical. While about time the Lacuna of “title of architect” is addressed and the endeavour is appreciated. The definition should be more expansive and definitely more legal, so that the loopholes are not flouted again.
  2. Professional Examination – We support the idea of examination but a different approach – The B.Arch degree should not be held at ransom upon graduation from a CoA certified Architectural Institute, however for Certificate of Practice, an examination should be held after a stipulated time period. STEP 1 – Get your degree upon graduation. STEP 2 – work as an architect for 2 years (say). STEP 3 – take a CoP test. In fact i would suggest that the CoP should be mandatory for practising architects after every 5/10 years. Reasons for above suggestions belong to a larger discourse, beyond the scope of this article.
  3. LLP – At least a LLP should be permitted. The legal and personal liabilities on a practising architect are humongous at the moment. Although, we are divided internally whether even Pvt. Ltds. should be permitted. “How much should the profession be protected is the question?” that we are unable to answer ourselves.

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